The App For When You Don’t Know, What To Do?

Wanting to upskill in UX design, I took a course with Academy Xi during the summer of 2017. We were tasked with completing a major project – choosing a real-world problem and then developing a complete solution using the UX practices we were learning throughout the course.

We began by doing research into our problem space; finding out who the competitors were, doing online surveys and interviews, then compiling all that juicy data – into some very colourful spreadsheets – and then condensing it down into some core insights.

From those insights and my existing knowledge of the subject, I created personas, each with their own User Journey Maps, as well as the beginnings of my solution – an MVP. This was then thrown into concept stage, with multiple pages of sketches and notes, which were transformed into low-fidelity working prototypes. Then following a few rounds of user testing, the final screens were created in Sketch and presented as an interactive prototype in InVision.

Feel free to check out the live prototype here:

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