XSBL: Project Refresh

In September 2016 we launched Phase 1 of the XXXX Summer Bright Lager website. The objective of this phase was to create a simple, aspirational and innovative online destination to support the launch of the new visual identity to underpin the repositioning of Summer Bright Lager.

Project Refresh was created with the intention of finding gaps in executing the original website, conducting user testing, and then providing UX, UI & Content optimisations.

We firstly defined what we wanted to find out with the user testing; what did people currently know about the brand and it’s visual identity, what were the key interactions they had with the site, and where could we leverage existing experiences that users liked.

From this we put together our problem statement, measurable metrics we could test against, and our target users. I then wrote the script we would use for the testing, helped organise in the recruitment of users and then conducted the interviews with another one of our designers.

Following the interviews, we collated all our observations and memorable quotes, and then used an affinity map to organise them into content and UX categories, with some subcategories within each one. From that we put together the main insights and findings and then presented them back to the client, along with some quick recommendations on how we could address the issues we found. We also conducted a prioritisation workshop with the client, where together we developed the MVP chart.

With the MVP defined, we proceeded to research, conceptualise, and sketch our final UX/Design optimisations. We then sat down with one of our tech leads, a copywriter and a producer to scope the ’Effort Vs. Cost’ of the optimisations. We then went back to the client with all this information in our MVP Breakdown spreadsheet and talked them through each of our ideas.


This project was completed while working as a Designer at whiteGREY. Thanks to Marina E (Project), Dom W (UX Support), Sam D (Tech Support).