PLAY is a collaboration between Afterpay and LayAway Travel. It adopts a traditional layby model in that customers are able to pick and book a curated holiday package and pay for it in full; in weekly or fortnightly instalments over a 2-12 month period, before they travel.

Adrenalin was responsible for creating an easy-to-use digital platform allowing customers to browse and book packages, as well as explaining the process to people unfamiliar with layby holidays.

As the lead designer, I worked with the Art Director to define the visual language of the site—bright neon colours, curated travel photography, and playful offset layouts. I rolled out the visual language to other pages throughout the site, working closely with the client and their team to ensure requirements were being met.

I worked closely with our UX team as well, as there were a few challenges with the checkout process and FAQ pages, where we had to be explicitly clear about the process of layby holidays and make sure users wouldn’t have any confusion as to their responsibilities after the checkout stage.

ClientLayaway Travel (Agency: Adrenalin)RoleLead DesignerCreditsTaryn S (Art Direction). Sam W (Designer). Sam D (Tech). Lauren W (Client Lead). Becky H (Project Manager)

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