My name is Luke Zorbas, and I’m a fresh and energetic Graphic & Front-End Web Designer living in Sydney, Australia. A fast learner with a passion for visual branding, concept ideation, and trying new things. No problem is too big to solve and there’s always a bounce in my step.

I have a fluent & ever-growing knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite, as well as coding with HTML/CSS, and working with online platforms such as Mailchimp, Shopify, WordPress, and Facebook. I visualise and create solutions for clients that give them the leading edge over competitors, with work that is precise, thoughtful, energetic and balanced.

In the future, I look forward to learning more about UI & UX, bridging the gap between print and digital publications, creating more interactive online experiences, and furthering my front-end web design skills.


Luke (2 years old). Big Dreams, Small Beginnings.

What’s A Flurolux?


Fluro Colours. Neon Lights. Glow Sticks. Party.
Another passion of mine is dancing, another release for creativity and energy. I draw from this the same happiness I get from designing.


Luke is the English translation for Luca. Luca derives from “lux” which means “light” in Latin.
I aim to be an inspiration to others, a source of knowledge and support for anyone who needs it. A smile is much easier than a frown.

More About Me

Life Aspiration: Be The Boss.

One day,  I would like to be successfully running my own studio, creating work for those who need their story to be told, and nurturing future designers to reach their full potential.

Music Provides My Inspiration.

Music has the power to change our state of mind, which helps me to achieve greater focus on my design work and be more creative. It’s also full of textures created by layers of beats and storytelling, which in itself inspires, which I draw on to tell my own stories.

Process Is The Foundation For Great Design.

Navigating through preliminary research, through to concept sketches, design development and final visuals. And then results.

Well-Designed Style Guides Fill My Dreams.

Something about Pantone colour schemes and logo clear space guidelines just makes my skin tingle.